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Why GoTxt.Us

Speakers use Q&A to interact with audience. However,

GoTxt.Us helps you, an effective speaker, to better engage your audience by sharing the presentation screen with them:

Your audience will be grateful to have a chance to get deeply involved in a much more interactive presentation. As the speaker you can

Follow the step-by-step guide below, try it out in your next presentation or class. It is free! ☺

Get started

For speakers before presentation:
  1. Sign up an account at, create or join a topic
  2. Download and install GoTxt.Us desktop app (Windows, Mac OS X) on the computer that you will use to present your slides
  3. Configure your account and the topic in GoTxt.Us desktop app
For speakers to start presentation:
  1. Run GoTxt.Us desktop app to display audience messages
  2. Run your presentation app, such as MS PowerPoint and Apple Keynote, to present your slides
  3. Project both your slides and GoTxt.Us desktop app window on the projector screen
  4. Advertise the topic among the audience
For audience:
  1. Log into, join the topic advertised by the speaker
  2. Start typing in questions/comments for the speaker**, or replying to other audience
** If you do not want one of your messages to display at speaker's presentation screen, uncheck the check-box at the beginning of the message input line

More details? Check FAQ below


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  1. Audience messages do not show up on GoTxt.Us desktop application window. What happened?

    For audience: For speakers:
  2. Do I need to download and install an iOS or Android app on my smartphone?

    No, all you need is to open in an Internet browser, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari

  3. Does GoTxt.Us desktop application work with my presentation application?

    Yes, as long as your presentation application runs on a Windows PC or a Mac computer. It can be Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, Google Slides, or other presentation tools of your choice

  4. Can I display history messages on my presentation screen?

    Yes, you can scroll up and down the message list on GoTxt.Us desktop application window

  5. Can I change where audience messages are displayed on my presentation screen?

    Yes, drag and drop the GoTxt.Us desktop application window anywhere you want

  6. Can I configure how long a message is displayed on my presentation screen?

    Yes, right click the window to configure the interval. By default each message is displayed for 5 seconds

  7. Can I change the font of the displayed messages on my presentation screen?

    Yes, right click the window to configure the font, including font size and color

  8. Can I change how many messages are displayed a time on my presentation screen?

    Yes, simply change the width and height of the GoTxt.Us desktop application window. Click and drag an edge or a cornor of the window